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While many of the effects of weight gain and obesity are obvious and well-publicized, just as many remain unrecognized, making their onset difficult to recognize and correlate.  At the most basic level is the mental stress that comes from feelings of embarrassment, shame or being physically outcast.  This often results in behaviors which trigger the release of endorphins, as well as other neuro-defense mechanisms to keep us in a healthy mindset. Still, the process was never intended to work over constant, extended periods of time.

We at Riddle Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Rochester NY are well-versed in how significantly being overweight can affect a person's mood, memory and mindset.  We offer a diverse array of custom weight loss and rapid fat loss programs, to help you on your road to improved cognitive clarity.

  • Losing weight safely is an effective way to help reduce mental and biological stress
  • As a normal physique and BMI return, so can one's confidence and energy levels
  • Dr. Riddle is regarded as one of the leading NutriMost® weight loss doctors in Rochester
  • Patients can safely, realistically lose between 20-40 lbs in as fast as 10 weeks
  • Read our weight loss testimonials to hear real Rochester weight loss success stories
  • Strongly recommended for those cautiously considering weight loss drugs or surgery

Rochester NY Weight Loss Programs for Stress Reduction

The effectiveness, speed and safety of today's more innovative and advanced fat loss programs simply can't be understated.  Whether your weight gain is recent or if you've been battling it for years, Riddle Chiropractic and Wellness in Rochester staffs a team of compassionate experts who are ready to help.  We were among the very first to offer the popular NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System, as well as others designed to help keep the weight off permanently.

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