Being involved in an auto accident is traumatic on a number of often unexpected levels, with the physical aspects being just one of many areas in need of prompt attention.  What most don't realize, understandably, is that not all damage manifests in the form of immediate pain.  Sudden, jarring impacts can do damage at the cellular level that many do not feel right away.  Over time, however, and left unaddressed these simple injuries have the potential to escalate in intensity.

chiropractic working on a patient's neck

At Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester NY, we've established a reputation as one of the most highly recommended chiropractors to see after a car accident.

  • Many treatments options available for post auto accident recovery
  • Riddle Chiropractic can ensure that you have a proper, safe recovery
  • Advanced therapies for rapidly, permanently treating pain at the cellular level
  • Our pain and recovery therapies are used by thousands of professional athletes
  • Our Rochester chiropractic clinic accepts most major insurance plans
  • Complement your post-accident chiropractic with ARPwave or other therapies

Post-accident Chiropractic Care in Rochester NY

Depending on the nature of your accident and injuries, there's a limited window of time when simple nerve and tissue damage can be detected, and prevented from manifesting into more serious conditions.  At Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester NY, we have both the experience and technology to do precisely that.

chiropractic working on a patient's neck

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