Orthotics Services


Orthotics Services


Considering how busy most people are these days, it comes as no surprise to learn that we take an average of 5,000 to 6,000 steps every day. This places a tremendous amount of stress and strain on the feet, heels, and ankles, making it vital to select shoes that address your lifestyle and the unique physical attributes of your feet. This is especially true for people who spend the better part of their day standing and walking.

If you suspect that your shoes may be the cause of unexplained pain or discomfort, here are a few things to consider when choosing shoes:

  • Try to wear shoes with a square-shaped or wider toe area
  • Allow about one-half inch of space between your toes and the shoe’s tip
  • Heels over two inches are notorious for causing pain in the arch and heel
  • Have your feet scanned to determine whether or not you need support
  • The big toe should be easily movable and never compressed
  • If you’re a runner or highly active, see if stability shoes help reduce pain
  • Don’t automatically go by size, as each designer typically has its own “fit”

Shoes Known to Cause Pain, Discomfort & Arch Issues

While some of these may seem obvious, it’s important to be mindful of which specific shoe styles are the most conducive to problems with support, balance, and comfort.

High Heels

They may complement your dress perfectly, but if you’re going big, go big in moderation. High heels and stilettos force the feet to adjust to extremely unnatural positions, and over time, this can affect the way you naturally walk, stand, climb stairs, etc.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Squishing your toes into a pointed tip not only decreases blood flow, it forces you to change your posture without even realizing it. Make sure your toes have room to breathe, wiggle, and bend with ease.

Heavy Sandals

Aside from their total lack of arch support and stability, the weight of heavy sandals can force the leg muscles to work harder than they should. If you’re a warm-weather sandal person, go with a lightweight design that has some cushion and support.

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