Like so many parents today, it's safe to assume that you've encountered no shortage of confusion when looking for real answers on the potential dangers of vaccines.  The purpose of our Vaccine Education Center is not to tell you what to do or not do.  Rather, to help you better understand what vaccination is, how it has evolved over the years, the most commonly voiced health concerns, information on the chemicals they contain, and a wide spectrum of additional topics.

Vaccine Concerns

Learn the basics of vaccination, and why many parents, doctors and researchers are growing increasingly concerned with their effect on development, cognition and overall health

Chemicals in Vaccines

Many of the chemical compounds found in common vaccines have nothing to do with promoting health and wellness, with a concerning number linked to a wide range of dangerous diseases

Disinformation Efforts

For every medical professional or concerned parent trying to educate the public about the potential health risks of vaccination, there are just as many working to keep people afraid

Vaccination & Disease

You don’t need a degree in medicine or biochemistry to appreciate the connection between increased vaccination and the recent surge in neurological conditions and other diseases

Healthy Alternatives

If you're a parent concerned about the very serious vaccine-related health risks to your children, learn how to promote and maintain good health early on, and well into adulthood

Whether you're expecting your first child or concerned about the substantial volume of vaccinations being given, we hope you find the information contained in this section of our website helpful in making the best decision for your family.  Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether 18 years of vaccinations is something you're comfortable with.

At the very minimum, we believe that every parent is entitled to full-disclosure and transparency on the potential risks involved, as well as the most effective, natural and scientifically-supports alternatives.