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Here at Riddle Chiropractic, we understand that you have more than a few choices when it comes to finding the best Rochester NY chiropractor for you needs. Some rely exclusively on traditional practices, while others focus their attention almost entirely on more leading-edge therapies.  Our success over the past decade has come from offering a mix of both, coupled with a total wellness approach that aims not only to treat physical distress; but one that moreover addresses each patient's unique biological needs for a more balanced, optimal state of health.

Here are just a few of the reasons why people from every age and background trust Dr. Riddle for expert, compassionate chiropractic care in Rochester.

A Proven Record of Safety and Patient Success

Since first opening our doors over a decade ago, we've earned a reputation as one of the most consistently-effective chiropractors in the Rochester NY area.  We do this by listening more than we talk, and by treating each patient with the respect and compassion they deserve.  Whether you're seeking reliable chiropractic care, or other services such as nutrition, weight loss or injury recovery, you'll have the assurance of working with a proven leader who genuinely cares about your results.  And with all of our wellness services offered under one roof, you won't have to waste time driving all over town.

Diverse Selection of Health & Therapeutic Services

Traditional chiropractic treatments, such as adjustments and massage, are just a sampling of the therapeutic variety we offer here are Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester.  We've found that patients respond very differently to different treatments, and this has inspired us to stay at the forefront of today's most effective and advanced new therapies.  Today, many are able to eliminate pain, lose weight and improve their overall health in much faster times, allowing them to enjoy life that much sooner.

Welcome to Riddle Wellness Health & Chiropractic Center

Comfortable Setting with Compassionate Professionals

There's a stigma of nervousness that's become paired with the process of seeking any type of health service, but you won't find it here.  From the moment you walk into our clinic we want you to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.  We've gone to great lengths to provide a setting that makes patients feel confident and at ease, allowing them to relax, unwind and get the most from their treatment session.  Check out the photos of our Rochester Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Trusted Full-service Chiropractic Care in Rochester NY

If you're looking to a Rochester chiropractor who is dedicated to treating more than just misaligned spines, we encourage you to find out what makes Riddle Chiropractic different.  Call us at 585-670-0020 to learn more about our clinic or services, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nate Riddle.

For answers to questions about our clinic, treatment options or scheduling an appointment, call Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester today at 585-670-0020.

You can email us too if that’s more convenient, just drop us a line through our secure contact page.

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