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Few things are as frustrating and agonizing as living with daily aches and pains.  Whether it's the result of an old untreated injury or an inflammation with roots that go far deeper, many eventually lose hope and find themselves in a cycle of pain killers and other methods which only mask the agony.

When it comes to treating chronic pain with chiropractic, we believe in more than just waving a proverbial magic wand and hoping for the best.  Through a diverse selection of conventional and modern treatment therapies, Riddle can identify the root causes and offer solutions that are fast, painless and non-invasive.

  • Our patients have a high success rate in pain reduction after chiropractic treatment
  • We offer a wide range of services for pain reduction, from traditional to advanced
  • Treatments such as ARPwave and others work rapidly with long-lasting results
  • Learn how new advances can speed up recovery time after injuries and training
  • Chiropractic care is extensively-researched and has been used by millions
  • Riddle Chiropractic accepts most major health insurance plans

Effectively Reduce Pain in Rochester with Chiropractic Care

When you take into consideration the sheer number of people who have eliminated pain with chiropractic, it's something everyone should at least consider before resorting to drugs or going under the knife.  If you're in the Rochester NY area and would like to know more about today's most effective treatments for chronic pain, Riddle Chiropractic is here to help.

Get answers to your pain management questions, ask about insurance coverage, or schedule an appointment in one of our two Rochester chiropractic centers by calling us at 585-670-0020.

For answers to questions about our clinic, treatment options or scheduling an appointment, call Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester today at 585-670-0020.

You can email us too if that’s more convenient, just drop us a line through our secure contact page.

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