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If you’ve been researching the topic of foot pain and orthotics, you’ve likely come across the term pronation. In short, a pronated foot is one where the arches have fallen as a result of normal aging, injury, extended periods of improper posture, and various other causes. When the foot’s arch drops, it results in flat feet—a term which many have heard, but might not fully understand.

Flat feet are not capable of absorbing the thousands of impacts we subject them to each day, and as a result, pain signals and sensations can radiate through the legs, spine and the body’s structural support system.

  • It’s believed that approximately one-third of people have flat feet
  • The body’s natural alignment is shifted out of its natural position
  • Poor arch support can affect the lower back, knees, hips and ankles
  • Creates an environment prone to plantar fasciitis, shin splints and Achilles strain
  • Women with pronation are 50% more likely to experience lower back pain
  • Custom orthotics are a proven way to help support pronation and flat feet

Common Causes of Pronation & Flat Feet

Our feet have built-in shock absorbers known as the plantar fascia—thin strips of connective tissue located on the bottom of each foot responsible for its natural arch. When healthy and firm, they help absorb the impact of walking, running, standing, jumping and countless other daily movements.

When these arch-shaped connective tissues flatten out, however, they lose the ability to rebound to their once natural position. Consequently, every impact ends up traveling through the body causing pain that can range in severity, frequency and location.

Using Custom Orthotics to Treat Pronation

In addition to routine foot stretching exercises and correction of poor posture, many people with flat feet have been able to significantly reduce pain by incorporating custom orthotic inserts. Of course, not all inserts are the same and it’s important that they specifically addresses the unique contours of your feet. Having a 3D laser foot scan is the most effective way to ensure that you get precisely the support you need.

To learn more about having your feet scanned for custom orthotics, visit our Foot Scan page for complete information on the process and benefits. Riddle Wellness offers a wide range of treatments for foot, ankle and heel pain, give us a call at 585-670-0020 to learn more.

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