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It seems that, over the years, we've been very strategically conditioned (through TV, advertising, biased testimonials, etc) to lose complete faith in the integrity and almost miraculous complexity and ability of our the body's immune system.  This has been replaced with the blind belief that in order to remain healthy, one needs to saturate their system with chemicals, toxins and other non-natural substances… simply because someone with an impressive title or paid air-time said that it was the right thing to do.

But the immune system is more capable of fighting disease than we give it credit for.  It is designed by nature to develop in accordance with each individuals biochemistry, arming them with everything needed to ward off pathogenic threats throughout each stage of life.

The Young Immune System

Infants are not born with perfectly formed, fully-functional immune systems.  They're biologically built in stages as we develop, and actually rely on exposure to certain threats in order to complete this process naturally as we grow.

One of the major concerns with mass vaccinations, is that exposing the developing immune system to a bombardment of synthetic forms of multiple viruses and bacterium, as well as the dozens of chemicals they contain, in such a short time frame and manner that is completely unfamiliar to the ways in which we would normally encounter them, forces a child's immune system to respond in ways that we simply are not wired for.

It would be helpful to include information on how this realistically affects growth, development and propensity for disease.  But sadly, that research simply does not exist.  And therein lies perhaps the biggest problem - a gross and utter lack of unbiased studies on how these immensely potent chemical/viral/bacterial cocktails affect us in the long run.

Alternative to Vaccination

For those considering not having your child or children vaccinated, it is of the highest importance that you learn how to promote good health and strong, capable immune system function.  This is a complex issue and we will be adding more information to the site as research makes it available.  For now, however, let's review some of the basics on how to support the proper development and function of the immune system.

  • Learn how to enhance its natural function through nutrition, sound diet and natural food sources.
  • Do everything you can to educate yourself on the most common real diseases and illnesses in children, including their early warning signs, exposure risks, and safe treatment methods. 
  • Become educated and share with your children the knowledge of how to proactively avoid disease-exposure scenarios, the importance of hand washing, treating cuts and consuming foods that naturally support a healthy response to inflammation and pathogenic exposure.
  • Before the needle hits your child's skin, know exactly what is contained within, and how it could potentially hinder their good health and proper development.