For many, living with acute or chronic pain can be traced back to untreated injuries and/or unfortunate genetic wiring. For countless others, though, pain and discomfort can be directly attributed to the way our feet make contact with the ground. This is especially relevant for those who are dealing with unexplainable or non-injury related pain. Because while many are relatively familiar with flat feet, it’s understandable that few make the connection between pain, limited mobility and a strip of connective tissue called the plantar fascia.

Fortunately, these are cases where something as simple as custom orthotics can resolve months or even years of living with daily discomfort and joint pain. Let’s explore further.

Understanding the Cause and Complications of Pronation

In each foot there’s a connective tissue called the plantar fascia, which helps keep the foot at a natural arch. Through normal aging or undiagnosed injury, the integrity of this structure can weaken, causing the foot to gradually flatten out. It can happen in one foot or both, and without even knowing it, you’re out of natural alignment. As a result of this pronation, the impact from walking, running, working out or other basic movements can’t be properly absorbed and distributed, leaving joint structures to take it head on.

Who Should Have a Custom Foot Scan

Ideally, every adult should have a foot scan at some point—just to ensure that everything is balance. But it’s especially important for those dealing with knee pain, hip discomfort, lower back pain or other ailments that can’t be traced to a distinct injury. Even the most simple drop in arch support can have a profound effect on other regions of the body, resulting in pain, muscle atrophy, compromised circulation and excess use of pain medications. As many have learned, custom orthotics can help immensely.

How Custom Orthotics Help Reduce Pain & Joint Problems

It’s quite simple, actually. After a 3-D laser scan has been done of your feet, it’s possible to determine whether or not your plantar fascia has lost is natural arch. If so, the precise location and dimensions are determined, and a custom orthotic insert is molded to provide support unique to your scan. Almost instantly, people report feeling less pressure on the feet, ankles and knees, with others reporting less pain in the hips and spine as well.

Custom Foot Orthotics in Rochester NY

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