I have never been a believer of putting positivity out there to receive it. I was never a person who thought if I just put positive energy out into the universe, I’ll get something good back. Then, I read a book that changed my perspective. It opened up my mind to the possibilities of what could be. If I spent time worrying, and stressing about life and still am able to accomplish things, I need to wonder what I could accomplish by putting positive energy out into the universe.

I have shared my emotional weight loss journey with all of you on my blog, so you know the emotional wall I overcame. In the two years prior to me becoming a Health Coach and taking steps to become healthy, I found myself very often having negative thoughts about everything in life; my job at the time, my family, my relationship, my friendships, and the list went on and on. Then, a wonderful thing happened, I met Dr. Nate and took charge of my health. The program that I began, NutriMost, teaches positive affirmations. When the Health Coach does your scan they give you a list of specific affirmations you need to repeat every day. Let me tell you, those affirmations have saved me more times than I can count. But, let me re-wind a little.

See, when I was younger I went to church, and even in the most tumultuous times in my life I remained positive. The church in itself (religion) teaches you to think positively as well. So I never felt alone, or negative. Then, as I got older I went to church less and less. My personality and those negative thoughts took over, and it was hard for me to have that same positive outlook on things that were happening in my life. I think as adults, we tend to take things so seriously it controls our life and we get wrapped up in the negative instead of trying to find the positive. Fast forward to my time in the hospital and the times I would say to people around me, “I don’t feel like myself, I just want my life back.” Then, someone recommended I read the book called “The Secret.” When I read it I thought it was interesting; to focus on the positives you want in your life and not the negatives you have.

Then, we fast forward to even further, when I actually started working as a Health Coach for the NutriMost program. I was reminded every day that no matter how I am feeling I have people who look to me for help. I started delving into the program more and more, and began helping more people. Every day I said my positive affirmations: “I see beauty in all parts of my body,” “I can be everything I want to be as a slim person,” “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” These affirmations helped me handle stress, but also changed my whole outlook on how I had been living my life. I am very thankful to have my co-worker, Heather, who has been a dear friend and gently urged me time and time again to say my affirmations. We have all had bad days and we all go through things that can make those negative thoughts creep back into our heads. But what I have learned from saying my affirmations every day is you get what you give. If you want to be a healthy, positive, vibrant person, you need to put that energy out there into the universe. If you are negative all the time and say “I can’t” then you won’t flourish. You won’t even survive in this world the way it’s becoming. See, the more positive you are in your daily life, the more positive things will come your way. Today, I truly believe this. If you’re a good, positive person you will have a good life. Once I started saying my affirmations, it not only helped me lose weight and gain confidence in myself that I had lost years ago, it helped me become a better person, and allowed me to grow as a Health Coach.

We are all going to have hard times in our lives, obstacles you need to overcome, but it’s all about your outlook. I recently lost my grandmother due to complications from her obesity. Every day I wake up, look at the sun shining and say my affirmations. It keeps me positive and I know my grandmother is there with me, and I find comfort in that. Nothing is ever so bad that you need to have a negative perception. One thing that helps me stay positive is saying my affirmations, and remembering I am blessed. There is always someone on this earth that is going through a more difficult time. Maybe taking their last breath or scraping together change to buy their kids a stale piece of fruit. Is what you’re going through that bad? The term “treat others as you wish to be treated” truly holds weight here. The more negative and miserable you are, the less people are going to make the attempt to get to know you. I too, have made this mistake and I thank my close friends daily for dealing with me during my unbearable points in life. My request to you by writing this article is that you always look at the positive; wake up and think about one positive aspect in your life and say three positive affirmations to yourself every day. What makes you get up in the morning? What gives you that drive to go through with your everyday life? Do this for a month and tell me how you feel after doing so. They can be simple phrases, like “todays going to be an amazing day,” or “I am beautiful inside and out.” I promise you, that if you make this part of your routine, you will have a whole different perception on life.


Nutrimost Coach