Hello Ladies and Gents, my name is Nicholette and some of you may know me as the girl who lost a ton of weight (27lbs to be exact) with NutriMost. You may also remember some of the hilarious youtube posts I made sharing my journey and experiences while on the program. Well, I am here once again to be open and honest about what can happen if you follow the model of today’s modern America. The phrase “You are what you eat” goes without saying but I’ll get to that later.

            Just a little background about me if you haven’t heard my story before. I was suffering from social anxiety, depression, and my weight was the highest it has ever been. I was only sleeping about 2 hours a night, and was suffering from fatigue and mood swings constantly. When I came to Dr. Nate, I wanted a career that was fulfilling and I wanted to make a difference. I definitely found what I was looking for when I came to NutriMost and Riddle Wellness. The people I work with very quickly became like a second family, which I would come to find in the upcoming year I would greatly need. When I was on NutriMost. I felt amazing, my energy was up, I started sleeping better and I felt like myself again. When I finished NutriMost I continued eating right and was very easily maintaining my weight. I felt on top of the world because I had my personality back no depression, no anxiety. This went on until April when I very suddenly lost one of the closest people to me.

            In April, my Grandmother traveled out of state and I received a phone call that changed my life forever. The day after Easter, the only mother I have ever known in my life passed away suddenly. This is a person that always encouraged me and was a tremendous positive influence in my life. I talked to her daily on the phone about everything from “How was your day?” to “Gram, I need your advice.” She truly was a guiding light in my life and without that I found myself very lost for quite a while. It took a little while for everything that happened during that time to sink in. I worked as if nothing had happened. Then one day reality just slapped me across the face and I was unable to cope. On the outside everything was fine but inside I was screaming “someone please help.” The funeral was full of homemade comfort food which wasn’t what my body was used to and it became a downward spiral after that. I shut down. I became complacent, and I stopped caring what I was putting in my body. Boy oh boy was it showing. The amazing sleep I once had dwindled to a measly 5-6 hours a night. That energy and drive I had was beginning to fade to almost nothing. Oh and that great weight loss I was so proud of began to creep back to the numbers that previously frightened me. The phrase “You are what you eat” is more accurate than we give it credit for. When you are putting toxins in your body that it is not used to, your body starts to fight back. In my case, my horrible eating habits turned my body against me. You see, I went from being at optimal health to less than satisfactory. I developed very painful cysts and fibroids, my anxiety has started to creep back once again, and those negative thoughts bog me down daily. I have reached a point I am finally ready to become healthy again and get my mind and body back on track. If your mind isn’t balanced, anxiety and depression can rear their ugly heads. So I have made the choice to take back control of my life and health. I will be doing another 20 day program because I need to re-center, and fix myself internally.

            To stay balanced you need to have a balanced mind. It is so easy to just give up and throw in the towel when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, especially when tragedy strikes. However, I am living proof that if you eat the right thing and take care of your body your body will take care of you! I am not sharing this with you to make you sad, but to show you that with the right team on your side, even if you “fall off the wagon” you have people in your corner to pick you up, dust you off, and say “today is a new day.” Let’s have a fresh start! I am thrilled and excited to share more of my journey with many of you, and I’m looking forward to helping you get back on track if you have fallen back. Here at Riddle Wellness, we are people just like you. We have every day struggles, just like you, which is why I personally think we can relate to so many people. We only get one body for a short duration of time. Come in and get a body composition scan and have your fresh new start.


See you all in 20 days


The New Me