Of the many New Year’s resolutions we make each year, few are as popular as those centered around making physical improvements.  Whether it’s losing weight, becoming active, or overcoming physical struggles that are more personal or specific in nature, the popularity of these late-winter pacts is matched only by how quickly they’re forgotten early in the year.  But, what if this was the year that you actually followed through?  How would that change the scope of your spring and summer?  How would it improve your social life, or your performance on the job?  Riddle Wellness is committed to helping you find out.

At Riddle Wellness and Chiropractic in Rochester NY we’re proud to provide one of the WNY region’s most extensive offering of pain elimination and weight loss services.  We impart a mixture of both traditional therapies as well as todays’ most innovative and effective treatments for those looking to lose fat, reduce daily pain and discomfort, improve their energy levels or recover after an injury.

  • A diverse range of traditional chiropractic and innovative pain elimination therapies
  • Proud to be one of Rochester NY’s most trusted Chiropractic & Wellness centers
  • Specializing in back & neck pain, sciatica, decompression, migraines and many more
  • Custom Orthotics and laser-fitted inserts onsite to improve knees, hips and feet
  • Onsite X-rays to help expedite therapy with no need for 3rd party appointments 
  • Advanced pain reduction therapies that are effective and 100% non-invasive

Schedule a Free Consultation at Our Rochester NY Chiropractic Center

If you absolutely refuse to throw in the towel on your New Year’s resolution, the compassionate experts at Riddle Wellness in Rochester will do everything in our power to help make it happen.  We invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Nate Riddle to learn more, discuss your concerns or find out which treatment options would be most effective in helping you reach your goal.  Get in touch with our office today to get started, and let us know how we can help make this your best year ever!

Riddle Wellness is located at 555 Winton Road in Rochester, NY and can be reached by phone at 585-670-0020 during regular hours, or write to us 24/7 via email through our secure and confidential contact page.