One half of the American workforce say they experience back pain each year. It’s a common problem that can take a large toll on your wellbeing. It can get in the way of enjoying life’s joys and add more stress and apprehension than anyone needs. It’s quite natural for it to feel out of your control.

Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Rochester NYThis kind of chronic pain can stem from a variety of sources and takes careful examination of the spine to determine the source. There might be spinal column misalignment that’s been skewing your sense of balance without you knowing, your lumbar discs may have lost some height over the years, which can lead to herniation, inflammation, and caught nerves, or you may have some form of sciatica. Sometimes it even leads to the chronic pain in limbs or others parts of the body.

Regardless of the cause, it’s important to know there are perfectly feasible solutions beyond invasive surgery and constantly popping pain meds. It may surprise you how large a role chiropractors can play in relieving you of pain and fixing any misalignment. It’s one of the most common and successful uses for the practice.

The treatment often involves gauging the patient’s range of motion and using controlled force to improve the quality of movement. Many who practice also incorporate nutritional advice and exercise routines to foster quick recovery. A chiropractor’s aim is to not only guarantee rehabilitation, but prevent further injury.

Our Chiropractic Services offer specific attention to back pain, including adjusting the vertebrae, back massage, nerve decompression, and more—our goal is to help you heal. We integrate both traditional methods as well as state of the art advances in the field. We also offer our pain elimination therapy, ARPwave, in tandem to ease the process.

At this point the benefits of chiropractic has entered the mainstream. There’s no doubt its techniques can offer sturdy and long lasting treatment for lower back pain. Talk to anyone who’s tried it and you’ll hear positive results. Why endure the pain any longer?