It’s almost mind-boggling trying to understand how important and interconnected the body’s nutrient delivery and utilization system is. Each vitamin, mineral and co-factor affects various functions throughout the body, and a deficiency in even one can have a negative effect on numerous organ systems and biological functions.

How Common Nutrient Deficiencies Affect the Body

In a change of format, we at Riddle Wellness thought we would take a moment to review some of the most common nutrient deficiencies, as well as how they can affect us and some of the best dietary sources of each.

Vitamin A

While deficiencies are not common in the modern US diet, not getting enough Vitamin A has been linked to poor eye health, brain function, immune response and cellular function.

Vitamin B12

The entire body needs B12, but we can’t make our own supply. Food sources include meat, eggs, and deficiencies are linked to poor blood cell production and brain health.

Vitamin D

Abundant in fatty fish and egg yolks, Vitamin D is also produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. Deficiencies are often marked by weakness, poor immune function and bone loss.


A powerhouse for bone health and cell function, one of the most common signs of calcium deficiency is osteoporosis. Natural sources include fish and dark leafy greens.


Found mainly in red meat, beans, seafood and leafy greens, iron deficiencies are commonly associated with anemia, fatigue, poor immune function and difficulty concentrating.


The best sources of iodine include fish, eggs and dairy products. Deficiencies have been linked to a myriad of thyroid problems in adults, and brain development issues in children.


This key mineral is needed for everything from bone health and enzyme production, to energy, heart health and muscle recovery. Grains, nuts and dark leafy greens are excellent sources.

Is a Simple Nutrient Deficiency Affecting Your Health and Wellness?

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