Fruits at a Grocery Store

We all deal with sluggishness in life. For some it seems to invade our day to day and keep us from our natural vitality and passion. It may surprise you to consider a lifestyle change that doesn’t include more caffeine but is guaranteed to boost energy.

Most people drink coffee, and some even get enough sleep, so it may seem strange to encounter lethargy when it seems like you’re doing everything right. But an important factor that many don’t take into account is how your diet can impact your energy levels.

Every time you sit down before a plate of food, you’re faced with the decision of how to best nourish your body. There’s no arguing how difficult it can be to make the right choice. Processed foods make it too easy to be negligent—we already know how poor nutrition can affect weight just as much as energy.

So today, instead of getting that second or third cup of coffee, consider cutting a few toxic foods from your meals. See how your body responds.

It may be hard to hear but bagels play a big role in chronic fatigue. Ingredient-wise, they offer about 45 grams or more of refined carbohydrates, which your body turns into sugar. This heightens your insulin levels, and can create insulin resistance, a root cause to numerous health issues, including decreased energy levels.

Soda is another staple to watch out for. They contain massive amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners, causing similar tanks in wakefulness. With all the synthetic ingredients, you risk exposure to all kinds of unimaginable side effects like birth defects, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.

One last food product to be wary of is store bought yogurt. Commercially sold yogurt is often lacking in the probiotics and enzymes that make it so healthy, and like the others, often provide your body with way too much sugar.

The point is to know what your body needs and doesn’t need. Our clinic offers specialized care when it comes to curating a diet that suits your body’s needs best. Make an appointment and stop by to learn more about our philosophy and practice—we refuse to view coffee and energy boosting pills as the only answer to chronic fatigue.