Natural Solutions to Neck Pain with Chiropractic

There’s a crucial difference between a stiff neck and chronic neck pain. The former happens occasionally when you wake up in the morning and lasts about a day. Maybe you do some stretches and grab an ice pack from the fridge.

But the latter is a different story. Chronic neck pain is typically more deeply rooted in your body’s makeup. The discomfort can stem from misaligned vertebrae, whiplash, and pinched nerves to name a few.

How do you know if your neck pain might be more than just the result of a firm pillow? If it persists for more than a few days, particularly if you find yourself needing pain meds around the clock, it’s worth looking into. And there’s definitely cause for concern if you’re unable to turn your head to meet your chin to either shoulder.

But not to worry! Chiropractors exist specifically for neck related issues. The physical therapy is a holistic approach to rehabilitating your body’s musculoskeletal system, and it offers succinct methods of treatment for spine and neck related injuries. Practitioners aim to restore motion and rigid joints through precise bodily adjustments and physical exercises.

Initially, a chiropractor will conduct a consultation and examination to determine the nature of the pain and what may be causing it. Everything from the symptoms to the history of the ailment. Sometimes spinal trauma can cause numbness or tingling in your arms and hands, which the practitioner may ask about. Next he or she may want to take some x-rays.

What follows is typically several sessions of physical therapy, recovering your body to a healthier state. The goal is to get you to a point where you have normal range of motion and as little pain as possible.

Riddle Chiropractic offers specialized help with chronic neck pain. Whether the injury is a result of a recent accident or an old injury flaring up, our services aim to alleviate pain and discomfort while getting your body back to its proper bearings. In addition to our pain elimination therapy, ARPwave, our chiropractic expertise can help you get rid of that constant discomfort, taking your day to day from manageable to joyful.