The past year has upended virtually every aspect of our day to day lives. Of the many examples we could site here, the sudden shift from office life to work from home has drastically reduced—and in some cases eliminated—the daily activity levels of countless individuals. When you instantly break a motion-based routine that’s been going on for years (walking to and from the office, moving around during the day, going to lunch), the body reacts in ways that can affect many major systems. Joint and mobility function are no exception.

If your list of 2020 strangeness includes any new pains or discomforts, you’re certainly not alone. Sudden activity level changes and increased sedentary periods are notorious for knee pain, sore hips, stiff ankles and more.  Here are a few of the ways Riddle Wellness in Rochester, NY is helping others.

  • A diverse mix of traditional therapy and modern pain treatment technology
  • One of the most trusted and well-established Chiropractors in Rochester, NY
  • Custom weight-loss programs to help reduce the strain on joint structures
  • Expert nutrition consultation to address lifestyle change-based nutritional gaps
  • Laser-measured custom Orthotics to compensate for new mobility patterns
  • Visit our testimonial center to learn how we’ve helped others eliminate pain

If your work routine took a complete 180 last spring and you’ve been noticing some aches and pains that weren’t there before, a drastically altered daily routine could be the culprit.  To learn more about how the Riddle Wellness clinic can help, or to schedule a complementary consultation with Dr. Riddle, get in touch however it’s convenient.

You can reach Riddle Wellness in Rochester by phone at 585-670-0020 anytime during regular clinic hours, or get in touch via email by filling out the short contact form on our secure, confidential website.