As one of Rochester’s busiest chiropractic centers, we’ve seen our fair share of pain elimination technologies come and go over the years.  Some are remarkable in their ability to help patients reduce or even completely eliminate daily pain, and MLS Laser Therapy is certainly one that ranks high on the list when it comes to effectiveness and long-lasting results. It works by targeting problem areas with concentrated light energy and a patented delivery method, to improve blood flow while strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities. Riddle Wellness is proud to be one of the area’s leading providers of MLS laser therapy in Rochester NY.

This advanced pain elimination therapy is completely non-invasive, pain free, and has one of the highest success rates among users dealing with inflammation, pain and arthritis.  Here are just a few reasons to consider it if you’re determined to make this the year you get out of pain.

  • The most advanced laser therapy available to the medical profession today
  • Helps promote natural healing to those with inflammation, arthritis and pain
  • Approximately 85-90% of patients report a complete reduction of daily pain
  • FDA cleared procedure that is effective after just a few treatment sessions
  • Helps promote faster recovery and more effective natural release of toxins
  • There’s no downtime or need to take time away from work, school or family

If you’re living with daily pain or inflammation and have not had success with other pain elimination treatments, MLS laser therapy is definitely something worth considering.  Riddle Wellness in Rochester NY will be happy to answer all of your questions, so get in touch today to learn more or schedule an initial consultation. 

You can reach our Rochester NY chiropractic office by phone at 585-670-0020 or write to us any time through our website’s secure contact page.