It's understandable that most people embark on diets and weight loss plans with the goal of looking better.  It's just our nature, and there's no shame in wanting to look good.  As many of those who've successfully lost weight admit, shedding the excess weight often brings some rather unexpected, though welcome, secondary health benefits.

At Riddle Wellness Center in Rochester, our goal is to help those we treat address specific challenges while striving towards their optimal state of health.  For many, this journey begins with restoring a more healthy physique and balancing the many interconnected biological systems affected by obesity.  Let's review some of the additional health benefits that can be expected as you return to a more ideal body weight.

Noticeable Improvements in Energy & Alertness

Many patients tell us that, even before their slimmer figure begins to take form, there is a noticeable increase in energy and vitality.  Many discover that they're more productive at work and home, while others report increased energy that lasts well into the evening.  This is the result of less strain on the body's major systems, as well as more normalized circulation, oxygen utilization and metabolic efficiency.

Deeper and More Consistent Sleep Patterns

An uncanny number of studies have showcased the link between insomnia and obesity, and it's now well understood that the two are uniquely connected.  Here at our Rochester NY weight loss center, many have reported that losing weight clearly had a positive effect on their sleeping habits.  Some have been able to give up sleeping pills completely, while others are enjoying deep, more consistent natural sleep for the first time in years.

Better Circulation and Nutrient Utilization

Without going into a long scientific explanation on how oxygen-rich blood and nutrients are utilized by the body's various systems and cells, let's just say that being overweight makes it difficult for vital compounds to get where they need to go.  When they aren't delivered, the system in question suffers.  Losing weight greatly decreases strain on the body's metabolic and circulatory systems, allowing many essential compounds to be efficiently absorbed and utilized.

Innovative Custom Weight & Fat Loss Programs in Rochester NY

At Riddle Wellness we use both modern and traditional therapies to help those we treat in reaching their goals, while providing support and well-rounded expertise along the way.  If you've been struggling with weight gain or excess body fat, we invite you to learn about the industry's newest and most effective weight loss systems like NutriMost.  Call our Rochester Wellness Center at 585-670-0020 to learn more or schedule an appointment.