So you’ve heard some benefits to using laser treatment in Rochester, NY for pain and inflammation and you’d like to try it for yourself. Laser therapy has been used for pain for a number of years and has proven safe and effective. Using a process called photobiomodulation, laser therapy can alleviate pain by reducing inflammation of the body. Let’s take a deeper look at how laser therapy reduces pain. 

What Painkillers Actually Do

Let’s talk briefly about the involvement of painkillers in your injury. While their main function is to eliminate pain, that doesn’t take away the problem that is causing the pain. Neurotransmitters send pain signals from your body to your brain. The painkillers replace the neurotransmitters thus not allowing your brain and body to experience the sent pain signal. This works to almost ‘numb’ the individual from feeling the emotional and physical effects of the pain. Once the painkillers have worn off, they experience the pain again. And if the individual is taking painkillers for a prolonged amount of time, they can develop a dependency. This presents them with a false hope to simply ‘rid the pain’ they are feeling, instead of getting to the root cause of the pain. Low level laser therapy devices can reduce the need for painkillers altogether by healing the underlying cause of the pain instead of just taking the pain away. 

The Process

The laser itself uses wavelengths of light energy to travel through damaged cells to stimulate and revive dead cells. After the ‘awakening’ of these dead cells, the healing process begins. The circulation of blood can flow freely immediately once these cells have been restored. 

Laser therapy uses a noninvasive and nonsurgical treatment to build and strengthen the immune response to injuries/inflammation. There are no side-effects unlike those found in many painkillers and medications recommended for injuries. Getting routine treatments until the injury is completely healed is recommended. 

If you have chronic pain anywhere in your body, it may be related to you’re unaddressed inflammation and can impact the way you live. Strains or sprains commonly occur from injury to a limb such as the foot. The impact causes the foot to become inflamed. These cells become damaged until fully restored. Individuals who use Rochester, NY MLS Laser Therapy for plantar fasciitis have experienced immediate restorative effects for years to come. 

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