Anyone who spends hours at their desk, cubical or behind a computer will be the first to tell you what a number it can do on their back.  Staring at computer screens for extended periods can put people in a very unnatural position which, over time, can result in a wide range of alignment problems, physical discomforts and more serious posture problems. This can ultimately make it more difficult to stay active, sleep well and enjoy many of the activities that make life enjoyable.

If any of the aforementioned sounds a bit too familiar, Riddle Wellness invites you to learn more about how we can help and why so many others in Rochester continue to trust us.

  • Free spinal evaluations to identify emerging and more serious back problems
  • We use the industry’s newest and most state-of-the-art technology and therapies
  • Proudly serving Rochester and all of Western NY over the past two decades
  • Specializing in a mix of both traditional chiropractic and innovative treatments 
  • Compassionate staff of experts to help with scheduling, follow-up and insurance

Schedule Your Free Back Exam and Make Work More Comfortable

As one of the most trusted Chiropractors in Rochester NY, Riddle Wellness fully understands the damage that can manifest from sitting in front of a computer for days and weeks on end.  We offer complementary back and spinal exams to help you determine the severity of your discomfort, as well as safe, effective solutions to help resolve any underlying issues early.

To learn more about our Rochester NY Chiropractic office, or to schedule a complementary evaluation of your back with Dr. Nate Riddle, get in touch today by calling 585-670-0020 or by writing to us through our website’s secure contact page.