While many people can’t wait for the summer season to arrive, there are just as many who dread it on account of their daily pain.  For some, they simply find themselves unable to enjoy the outdoor activities they once looked forward to.  For others, it means dealing with the pain in ways that can be costly, time consuming or even detrimental to one’s health.  As a result, countless individuals end up sitting out the activities they love or spending the day popping pills and wincing in pain.

Whether chronic pain is something new to you or if you’ve been dealing with it for decades, the advances made in the just the past few years have helped many reduce and eliminate pain without drugs, surgery or other concerning methods. Here are some of the most effective, non-invasive pain elimination therapies to help you enjoy a more active summer.

Chiropractic Treatment Rochester NY

Chiropractic Treatment

If you visited a chiropractor in the past but did not achieve the results you were hoping for, it might be worth another look. The research behind today’s chiropractic care and treatment options are incredibly advanced, as researchers continue to find new ways to treat and successfully address many of the root culprits responsible for ongoing discomfort. Here at Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester, we utilize a thorough, science-based process to meticulously analyze any and all spinal abnormalities. This allows us to develop more effective care and recovery plans; each one uniquely suited to the individual and their specific symptoms.  


Most people aren’t quick to associate their overall nutrition status with the frequency and intensity of their pain levels.  But there’s an unmistakable connection between how nourished we are and how much pain and inflammation we’re dealing with.  The body relies on a constant and balanced supply of macro- and micro-nutrients to run our system at its most optimal level. When just one key compound goes missing, it can affect a wide range of natural healing and regenerative processes. Working with a nutrition expert can allow them to assess the areas where you may be deficient, while determining whether or not it could it is contributing to your specific pain.

Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy is one of today’s most popular new pain treatments, and works by using gentle lasers at specific wavelengths to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.  It’s been used by everyone from working professionals to professional athletes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, back and neck injuries, and many other forms of discomfort. Laser therapy is 100% painless, safe and has been FDA-cleared.  It has no known side effects is an affordable treatment option. Riddle Chiropractic in Rochester is one of the premier providers of MLS laser therapy for pain, as well as other innovative treatments.

Learn More About New Ways to Treat Daily Pain

With all of the advances in pain elimination that exist today, there’s no reason to spend your summer in agony.  Call Riddle Wellness in Rochester NY today at 585-670-0020 or write to us in confidence through our secure contact page.  We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or get you set up for an initial consultation with Dr. Nate.