If you call the Western NY area home, you already know how brutally cold and nasty it can get during the long winter stretch.  For many, this results in spending far too much time stuck indoors being inactive.  And it’s no secret that the less you use your joints, the more stiff and painful they can get.  At Riddle Wellness and Chiropractic in Rochester, we understand how agonizing it can be to deal with the pain, inflammation and stiffness that almost always follows a long, cold winter spent indoors.  

Whether you’re looking to undo some of the joint discomfort caused by months of binge watching, or need to lose a few pounds and feel more energetic in time for summer, Riddle Wellness offers a wide range of treatments and services to help you shake off that winter sluggishness. 

  • A full offering of chiropractic treatments to treat and prevent pain
  • Decompression therapy to increase circulation and nutrient delivery
  • Expert weight loss programs to help reduce strain on knees and back
  • Nutritional support to help resolve joint pain issues and deficiencies
  • Expert advice on proper stretching methods to improve flexibility
  • Innovative treatments that have helped others completely eliminate pain

If this past winter did a number on your knees, hips, lower back or waist line, we can assure you that you’re not alone.  It’s far more common than most people realize, but fortunately, there are plenty of safe and effective ways to get you back to your flexible, energetic self.  For more information on how we help patients deal with winter-induced stiffness, pain and weight gain, or to schedule a complementary initial consultation with Dr. Nate Riddle, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help. 

Riddle Wellness and Chiropractic is located at 435 West Commercial Drive in Rochester NY, and committed to providing a safe, sterile environment for your peace of mind.  Give us a call at 585-670-0020 or write to us through our website’s contact page to get started.