You don't need to look far to discover some rather shocking ARPwave success stories.  And while this highly-innovative, totally non-invasive rapid recovery treatment is now in regular use by thousands of professional athletes, one story continues to astound just about everyone who hears it for the first time.

ARPwave Therapy and the Recovery of Dwight Freeney 

In 2010, Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney suffered a complete third-degree tear of a ligament in his right ankle; an injury that not only threatened his chance to play in Super Bowl XLIV two weeks later, but one many have suggested could have significantly impacted his career, as well.  A rigorous schedule of ARPwave rehabilitation was conducted by Dr. Leon Mellman, the creator of ARPwave, along with his team of injury recovery specialists.

ARPwave TherapySerious injuries such as the one Freeney suffered typically take weeks, if not months, to make a full athletic recovery.  But this was not Freeney's first time using ARPwave therapy.  As it turns out, he had used it in the past to help recover from more minor injuries including hamstring and groin pulls.  Still, there was no guarantee that it would work in time for Superbowl Sunday.

The results exceeded the expectations of just about everyone involved.  Seven days after starting ARPwave rehabilitation, Freeney was running 10-yard sprints.  Some of the strength and mobility tests were able to determine that, by the end up treatment, his injured ankle was performing better his uninjured ankle.

Certified ARPwave Therapy in Rochester NY

Dr. Nate Riddle was among the very first Rochester chiropractors to offer ARPwave rapid injury rehabilitation service, and is today among the most trusted providers in the Western NY region.  To hear more success stories or learn how innovative ARPwave treatments can help with recovery from injuries both new and lingering, get in touch with Riddle Chiropractic at 585-670-0020 for answers, details or to schedule your first appointment.