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Anyone who lives in pain knows what a frustrating battle it can be.  OTC medications have a tendency to plateau quickly, which typically leads to use and/or dependence on powerful painkillers that leave many in an unceasing mental fog.  In just the past few years, ARPwave has given hope to countless individuals who had come to accept daily pain as just another part of life.  Riddle Chiropractic was among the very first to offer ARPwave in Rochester, and today we're one of the area's leading providers of this game-changing pain elimination technology.

ARPwave for Pain Elimination

ARPwave is a highly-effective and non-invasive pain elimination therapy that utilizes safe, gentle light waves which scour the entire system in search of damaged tissues.  Once identified, the area in question is stimulated at the source to revitalize the body's built-in healing mechanisms.

  • Can significantly enhance the body's healing process after injuries
  • Effective for individuals dealing with either acute or chronic pain
  • Accurately identifies the root cause of pain to provide fast, effective relief
  • ARPwave has been used by more than 10,000 patients since introduction
  • An effective non-invasive way to improve flexibility, strength and recovery
  • Many patients achieve substantial results after just one or two treatments

The Most Trusted Clinic for ARPwave Pain Therapy in Rochester NY

It's concerning that today's focus is essentially on covering up the symptoms of pain, rather than looking for new ways to treat the underlying cause of discomfort.  But that's precisely what makes ARPwave so special.  As evidenced by countless recovery stories that border the miraculous, people who have been in pain for months even years are finding rapid relief with this innovative pain treatment.

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