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In addition to its popularity among those looking to relieve pain, acupuncture is also used by scores of individuals to help overcome the withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction recovery.  This can include the nausea, irritability, sleeplessness and other commonly-reported withdrawal effects.  Whether you're looking to quit smoking, stop drinking or wane yourself off of pain killers or other medications, acupuncture is a natural form of treatment that's definitely worth exploring.

At Riddle Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we take great pride in all our services and staff one of the area's most experienced and most trusted acupuncture therapists.

  • Many have used acupuncture successfully to stop smoking
  • Popular among those suffering withdrawal from opiates and pain pains
  • Has been a popular alternative treatment for overcoming alcohol addiction
  • Works by stimulating and unblocking meridians to balance energy flow
  • Our Rochester NY acupuncture services are safe, sterile and clinically supervised

Overcome Addiction in Rochester NY with Acupuncture

It makes no difference what substance or behavior you're trying to overcome.  The important thing is finding a treatment option that you're comfortable with and confident in.  For many, traditional Chinese medicine has been the one thing that helped them finally overcome their addictive behavior.  If you've tried other methods in the past with little or no success, perhaps it's time to consider something new.

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