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Riddle Chiropractic's Rochester NY Acupuncture Services

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With a history that quite literally dates back thousands of years, acupuncture remains one of the most well-recognized and established forms of traditional Eastern medicine in use today.  It has helped people overcome everything from skin problems and addiction, to chronic stress, personal struggles and countless other challenges.  As part of our commitment to provide the most diverse range of natural healing therapies, Riddle Chiropractic proudly offers traditional acupuncture in Rochester to address a broad range of health concerns.

Services provided but not limited to

  • Dermalogical issues
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Gynecological/Womens Issues
  • Digestion

Pain Reduction

Acupuncture has helped countless people reduce and eliminate pain and daily discomfort.


By opening the body's natural healing pathways, many have successfully overcome addictions.

Energy & Fatigue

One of acupuncture's most fundamental actions is unblocking pathways vital for energy production.

Acne & Skin Problems

Learn how acupuncture has helped so many improve the look, texture and health of their skin.

Sleep Issues

Acupuncture opens pathways essential for healthy sleep and its many restorative benefits.

Stress & Cognitive

Even those in the most extreme cases of stress can respond favorably to acupuncture, learn why.

The popularity of acupuncture has never been stronger, and for many it offers a nice complement to chiropractic treatment, injury recovery and other therapies.  For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment for acupuncture in Rochester, call Riddle Chiropractic and Wellness at 585-670-0020.

Our goal at Riddle Chiropractic is a simple one; to utilize todays' most effective natural treatments in helping you achieve and maintain the quality of life you're entitled to.
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